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Milyssa Rose

Milyssa Rose is a passionate and Multi, talented, pop, artist. Since day one, she knew with every fiber of her being that entertainment was her ultimate aspiration. Growing up, the arts were always of primary focus. Milyssa participated in Community Theatre, modeling, various commercials, and numerous talent shows. To further perfect her musical craft, Milyssa also has been studying with a vocal coach for many years.

Milyssa delved into reality-based talent searches. However, her initial gut feeling led her to conclude that becoming an overnight celebrity was not the path to success she desired. She began writing lyrics and experimenting with various production teams in her late teens. Repeatedly, producers refused to take musical risks, which Milyssa yearned for. Her chief aim was and currently is to be a one-of-a-kind artist that challenges the status quo and deviates from the typical sound of mainstream artists. One-hundred percent determined to be a star, she signed to an indie label.

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